The best saxophone music from the beautiful island Ibiza

Ibiza Saxophonist is a music concept based on the beautiful saxophone. A saxophonist and a DJ will play together during an amazing show. This great combination is indispensable in House and Dance music. Of course, the island of Ibiza is one of the best places in the world to have a celebration, party, or club night. And the saxophone is an essential part of it all!

The Ibiza Saxophonist is the brainchild of Saxojoe (a Dutch saxophonist) who has been playing in the international dance scene for almost 10 years now. He fell in love with the island of Ibiza and has visited and performed there often. Now, he wants to spend even more time there and therefore thought up the idea of the Ibiza Saxophonist.

The Ibiza Saxophonist can be booked for your weddingprivate or club party and in all sorts of different settings. Check out all of our options below and if you have a question, don’t hesitate to contact u



Ibiza Saxophonist

Just the pure and beautiful sound of a sole saxophone can make any event better. The Ibiza Saxophonist can be a part of any musical project, whether it’s a grand opening or a beautiful wedding, a private or corporate event. Feel free to get in touch about the possibilities for your event.


If you want the full experience of a saxophonist and a DJ, but have limited room at your small event, ask the Ibiza Saxophonist! He will take on both roles and plays along to his own music set. So you can have a DJ & SAX together in one show at your cocktail party, wedding reception, or dinner party.


Ibiza Saxophonist Dj and Saxophonist

Let’s get this party started! Throw your own House Party with solid beats by DJ Sebastian and the funky sounds by the Ibiza Saxophonist. They both have a lot of experience in the scene and know how to throw a party with enthusiasm. Party Ibiza-style.


Ibiza Saxophonist With Band

This is the real deal Big Band, Big Party! DJ Sebastian will bring his solid beats, Dillon Lewis will bring energetic percussion music, and vocalist Miss Choral will bring the party to a whole new level with her amazing voice. Of course, the Ibiza Saxophonist is the icing on the cake!